Naomi is a German-Austrian Singer and Songwriter from Bremen.

Her interests are Anime & Manga, Gaming, Make-up and her hobbies are singing, dancing, drawing and writing lyrics about how she feels in each moment.

On a normal day she wakes up already listening to her favorite songs.

Born as a boy on 30th July 1998, she has been living as a transgender woman since 2016/17. At the same time she was a member of the Group Girls Hour which was a short lived German K-Pop Group.

In her childhood she always felt that something was not right, and she could not imagine herself growing old as a man. After high school she started her transition.

She dreams about being a role model, especially for younger people, to bring them motivation and hope. "You can do anything. Know your worth then build on it", is one of her motivations. 

She also fights for Trans Rights because she is a firm believer, that Trans Rights are Human Rights!

One of her biggest role models is the transgender singer, model and actress Harisu. Seeing her on screen was the last straw for her to realize who she really is. 

After being bullied and scared as a child, Naomi now has the confidence to finally show the world her true colors, showing it is possible to fight for your dreams, regardless of people trying to hold you back. 
"Loving yourself, knowing your worth and living as your true self is the best feeling in the world! ♡"

In 2020 she founded the K-Pop dance group FaKe PasTel and spoke openly on the YouTube Chanal „Yes to everyone“ about her transformations.

Beside Covid19 she played the same year her first gig at Kukoon, Bremen. 

She herself signed at Vier Sterne Deluxe Records in January 2021. 

With the upcomming Single she release her first Major Solo Single.